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ABOUT : after an unsuccessful evening searching for barn owls, my dad and I were driving back home empty handed. I insisted on driving with no music, so I could keep looking out for wildlife better. for a split second as we passed this building which I have known and seen for years, I saw a small shadowy figure. Using a torch we discovered this  incredible story. After many return visits and many silent hours spent in the car, I made this image. 

This image is the Young Grand Title Winner in the NHM Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2023. This was an incredible experience and a dream come true. Kathy Moran, Editor and Chair of the Jury, notes how ‘this photograph has so many layers in terms of content and composition. The eye travels across the road, through traffic before spotting the owls. It simultaneously screams habitat destruction and adaptation, begging the question: if wildlife can adapt to our environment, why can’t we respect theirs?’

One of my favorite images. On my trip to Thailand last year I saw some amazing places and animals, and made sure to never leave my camera behind. One day I was walking to the beach, and stumbled across a group of female Dusky Leaf monkeys, which after a few moments turned out all to have little yellow babies. I managed to get the framing right and capture the moment where the baby held his mother’s fur, and with closed eyes fumbled around to find her nipple, and feed. The mother also closed her eyes for a few moments as her baby fed. Afterwards the group continued on their way jumping between trees with their little babies holding on.

Alone And Colorful
Singing In The Trees
The Golden Crown
The Three Muskatirs 



All prints are signed and numbered, out of a special edition of 30 in total.

Prints are limited to small numbers and are each hand numbered and signed by me just beneath the image area.

Each is printed with a wide paper border all around.


Print Quality: All prints are printed on CANSON®️ INFINITY RAG PHOTOGRAPHIQUE 310 GSM - MATTE.
Canson®️ Infinity Rag Photographique is a 100% cotton museum grade white Fine Art and photo paper.


Each print is checked to ensure quality before it is sent to the buyer.

Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity hand signed by me.


Prints are delivered unframed, and are supplied rolled carefully .

Here are the specifics regarding print sizes and prices:


Medium - printed area of 13x19 inches on a 20x26 inches size paper - $490


Large - printed area of 20x30 inches on a 27x37 inches size paper - $680


Extra Large - printed area of 24x36 inches on a 31x43 inches size paper - 850$


Costs include worldwide shipping.


To purchase prints, or just for getting in touch, please use the contact form. I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!


Thank you for your message!

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